6 Best Giveaways for Events to Make Your Company Stand Out

When attending any sort of company event, whether that’s a trade show, a pop-up stand, a corporate meeting, or a corporate exhibition, those that meeting with your company representatives are going to expect at least one promotional item to take with them. Therefore, the best giveaways for events should be carefully selected by the company to make them stand out and provide a usable item that is going to further promote that brand.

Why is Company Swag Important for Events?

Top giveaways are a must for any corporate event, whether it’s meeting with potential new customers or business suppliers and partners. No matter who is going to be receiving your giveaway swag, it’s undoubtedly important brand exposure for you. The best custom promotional products and giveaways will cement your business in the minds of consumers and contacts and help to build a relationship of trust and positivity.

6 Best Swag Ideas for Events

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next trade show giveaways, here are six of the best giveaways you could choose for events.

Tech Items

Tech items are fantastic choices for giveaways because they’re extremely relevant and completely usable. All tech items are going to be appreciated because most tech items will have a handy purpose, like a power bank for charging a mobile device.

This is a particularly good idea for trade shows. It is likely many visitors have traveled and will be staying overnight, which means tech items, such as a charger, can prove to be extremely useful.

Branded Water Bottle

Water bottles are a must when considering the giveaways at your next event because they’ll always be relevant. They’re simple items that can go a long way and be used in any situation. Your branded water bottle can accompany visitors around the rest of the event, keep them hydrated, and be taken home with them to use every day.

Small Gift Items

Small and quirky gift items can be well received at trade shows because they can be carried, pocketed, and used to increase brand positivity. Simple items, like branded lip balm, can easily be used every day. Small gift items that are practical are better than those which don’t have a universal purpose.

Choosing the right branding agency can also help you to create some of the best quirky gifts for your next event.

Branded Hats

To make your branded hat giveaway item more useful and relevant, think about the season in which your company event is taking place. Summer hats and custom made hats for warmer weather, like baseball caps or straw hats, are perfect for summer events, as it’s more likely your contacts will use them.

Likewise, beanie hats and winter hats are the best giveaways for events taking place during colder weather, so contacts can easily grab from their bag.

Promotional Bags

Visitors to corporate events and shows usually have a lot to carry around, whether it’s personal belongings or merchandise. A branded carry bag, like a tote bag, can be the ideal promotional product because it’s guaranteed to be used if visitors become overburdened with goodies.

Travel Gear

Travel essentials are always needed, so small branded items like toiletries, small travel bags, packets of tissues, or travel pillows will always be in demand. A person traveling will always have a need for items like this, so if they can get this as free branded merchandise, they’re going to think positively of your brand and have your brand reminder traveling around with them!

Let Anthem Branding Help with Your Branded Merchandise

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